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WFLO is a Philanthropic Meme Token Created to Promote Safe DeFi Adoption & Provide a Decentralized Educational Ecosystem with Unique Metaverse Integrations

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WFLO is currently purchased and sold through both FEGex and PancakeSwap, but will soon be found on an increasing number of CEX’s and DEX’s.





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Metaverse Integration

With the advent of virtual reality and the inevitability of it’s fusion with blockchain, WFLO aims to establish a presence on multiple Metaverse platforms for #WindNation’s philosophy to not only thrive in a decentralized environment but also to help shape and define the future of DeFi



Our aim is to establish meaningful partnerships with legitimate projects focused on the creation and innovation of virtual worlds, lands and digital real estate



This will allow #WindNation to expand it’s influence across the metaverse and the world of decentralized finance, sharing our philosophy and sowing the seeds of community, while encouraging philanthropy and providing educational resources for personal financial development 

Humanitarian Philosophy

At the core of the philosophy behind Wind Floki Inu is a desire to manifest a culture of philanthropy in DeFi.
It is with this specific goal in mind that Smart Contract developer Jordan Austin created the WFLO contract, as a vessel to carry his vision of a fairer, safer and more charitable environment for the future of decentralized finance

No stranger to hard work or helping others, Jordan has been involved in a number of humanitarian projects in West Africa,  focusing on the construction of schools and orphanages throughout the region.

As the influence of WFLO grows, so to will the amount of causes we take up with the aim of achieving our goals. With plans to develop a 501c3 non-profit organization in the not too distant future, and with Jordan having influence and contacts already on the ground in West Africa, sponsoring schools and orphanages will be a natural focus for the project’s philanthropic endeavors.

The Team

Jordan Austin

Lead Dev & Founder

Just Jim

Community Lead

A Digital Ecosystem

Another important aim of Wind Floki Inu is to create and establish a number of websites and applications that will help to encourage DeFi adoption by the general public, aswell as to develop partnerships with legitimate projects who share our philosophy.

By employing advanced audience targeting techniques and providing financial and educational incentives, we plan to strategically impress upon the general public the innumerable societal benefits of a decentralized financial system.

To achieve this, we intend to provide educational and financial information designed to help break down the barriers of entry to DeFi, this will include DeFi tutorials, free courses, coinranking/listing sites and news/review sites highlighting the utility of up-and-coming projects in DeFi.

Our Partners

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